The topics covered by the conference are:
  • Materials (Growth and synthesis, Electrical and optical properties, Interfaces and defects, Surface physics and chemistry, Theory and modeling)

    Elemental semiconductors (Si, Ge, Diamond), Compound semiconductors (III-V, III-Nitrides, Diluted compounds, SiC, II-VI, Oxides), Semiconductor nanostructures (Quantum dots, Nanowires), Carbon nanostructures (CNTs, Graphene), Porous materials, Gate dielectrics, Polymers, Composites, Self-assembling/self-organizing materials, Nanostructures-nanoparticles, Magnetic materials, Metamaterials and photonic materials, Energy storage materials.
  • Micro and Nano- Fabrication, Processing, Process modeling and simulation

    Patterning technologies, Self-assembly, Thermal processes, Deposition techniques, Plasma techniques, laser fabrication techniques, Ion implantation, Contacts technology, Passivation-Encapsulation, Interconnect technology, Packaging
  • Devices (Design, Fabrication, Characterization, Modeling and simulation)

    Electronic devices: MOSFET, HEMT, JFET, HFET, BJT, RTD, microwave components, terahertz sources and detectors, power switching, RF passive devices, etc.

    Optoelectronic devices: LED, Lasers, solar cells, detectors, polaritonics, etc.

    Sensors (Chemical, Biochemical, Physical, etc.) and Actuators

    Quantum devices: Single and few electron devices, Molecular devices, Ballistic devices, Nanoelectronics, Nanophotonics, Microcavities, etc.
  • Integration, Circuits and Systems

    Integration technologies, Integrated circuits (VLSI, MMIC, OEIC, etc.), MEMS/MOEMS, RF-MEMS, Optical interconnects, Displays